About Triton

The majority of our treatments for infectious diseases and cancer are natural products based and are either directly sourced from terrestrial plant and soil microbes or, at minimum, the prototype is of natural origin. Triton's focus is to utilize the vast resources of the oceans in the development of the next generation of pharmaceutical products. The structural and biological diversity of the ocean provides a wealth of novel drug leads or drug-like molecules for commercial development. Tapping into this resource, Triton is able to bring new innovation to the Pharmaceutical, Food Products and Biotechnology Industries with the production of marine derived fine chemicals and pharmaceutical products. In addition to its leads in preclinical development, Triton has an inventory of unique marine natural products available for purchase. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you add diversity and novelty to your drug development pipelines.

Message from Dr. Mark T. Hamann
Chief Scientific Officer

"Triton is strategically positioned to provide novel solutions to the lagging development of effective treatments of both first and third world diseases. Marine natural products offer unprecedented diversity and opportunities for pharmaceuticals, as well as cosmetics and food products. Triton has assembled an exceptionally talented team of investigators with experience in marine natural products characterization, synthesis, microbial production and optimization. Triton scientists are working aggressively to provide better controls for cancer, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, HIV-1, HCV and malaria, by exploring the unique drug producing organisms of the ocean."

To learn more on Dr. Hamann, please visit the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy website.

Message from Mr. Angelo Boujos
President & Chief Executive Officer

"Triton's research vision embodies today's biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We recognize the tremendous resource the marine environment presents and are committed to preserving its biodiversity while exploring its potential. One of our objectives in bringing innovative marine natural products to market is to promote a concept of sustainable and reliable production. We believe that the marine environment is the next frontier for science and technology, and we're very excited to be involved in the discovery of novel pharmaceutical products and the commercialization of these developments."