Strategic Partnerships
Our Philosophy

Founded on an impressive collaboration by leading academic and scientific minds and business professionals, Triton is dedicated to developing successful partnerships and working toward the advancement of novel drug leads, enzymes and the sustainability of marine derived natural products.

Growing resistance to current drugs as well as unmet needs for treatments of diseases including cancer, Alzheimer's diseases, depression, HIV, HCV, malaria, tuberculosis and many others require the application of the incredible structural diversity found in the oceans. The successful treatment of disease using therapeutic products began with resources from agriculture and fermentation combined with semi-synthesis and synthesis to create molecules that perform effectively as drugs. Triton's product pipeline is based on state-of-the-art methods in sustainable production and optimization of drug leads from marine resources. Triton's current portfolio was established through solid collaborative relationships and a combination of expertise in the fields of microbiology, chemistry, pharmacology, manufacturing and business development. Uniting the best minds and talent to draw on the immeasurable chemical and biological diversity of the ocean assures that novel treatments for the global benefit of humankind will be successfully developed.

Cooperation in innovation is a fundamental concept of our long-term business and research strategy and we continuously seek productive opportunities to advance the research, development and sustainable commercialization of marine natural products.

Our Strategic Partners

Some of Triton’s Strategic Partners include:

National Cancer Institute




University of Hawaii


Gadjah Mada University